Alberto Reyes

His playing is consistent with the grand pianist aesthetic, with its balancing of lyrical sensitivity, overpowering finger-work and the kind of musical flourishes that denote masculine authority.

Buffalo News
Excerpt from review of Montevideo recital
Su Sonata No. 3 de Chopin fue la más impresionante comprobación del estilo esencial y recreador de Reyes como intérprete de verdad. La partitura surgió con necesidad de evolución autogenerada y completa autonomía estética, con un romanticismo de excepcional gusto musical y sana emoción, que revelaron a un pianista auténticamente vocacional y radicalmente acertado en sus intuiciones.
N. Giguens, El Día, Montevideo, Uruguay
Reyes masterfully tore through Liszt's transcription of the Bach Prelude and Fugue in A Minor, shaping phrase and line persuasively. Read More...
Peter Jacobi, Daily Herald Telephone
Excerpt from Verdi-Liszt review
...his playing showed impressive grandeur...patrician ease and naturalness
Bryce Morrison, Gramophone

Reyes established himself immediately as an artist of taste and sensitive touch as well as unlimited power. Yet, his piano can sing when the music requires it.

His interpretation provided an excitement of rhythmical drive and technical perfection which incited the audience to a salvo of spontaneous applause.

The Fort Worth Press, Fort Worth, Texas
Reyes cannot be said to take second place to anyone. His formidably balanced performance shows a front rank pianist
The Denver Post, Denver, Colorado

No one was prepared for the extraordinary excellence of the piano recital presented by the young Uruguayan pianist Alberto Reyes. Reyes chose for his program some of the most difficult works in the piano repertoire and performed them with seeming ease...combining a shimmering technique with very lovely tone and phrasing, but above all, with intelligence and delicacy.

Palm Beach Times, Palm Beach, Florida

A born keyboard aristocrat

Music and Musicians, U.K.

He possesses a phenomenal keyboard mastery...The performance of the Ginastera was a breathtaking adventure. This extremely dynamic music was played with compelling musical insights and a prodigious facility.

San Diego Union, San Diego, California

Alberto Reyes triumph was due to his attributes of virtuosity and musicianship. His Brahms Concerto No. 1 was full of bravura and sentiment.

Diario de Noticias, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
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